Is your content sounding like a robot?

“My content doesn’t sound like me. It just sounds cold, like a robot wrote it.”

The struggle is real.

Nobody wants to sound like a robot.

And, I know you’re not a robot. You’re freaking cool, and genuinely connect and make an impact.

So, how the heck do you sound like YOU in every content piece you put out?

Two words:

Brand Voice.

Your Brand Voice is how you connect, laugh, cry, and greet your tribe.

If you put out a piece of content without your logo behind it, would people know it’s yours?

With 4 billion people online, your voice needs to be consistent so your community recognizes it immediately.

“Yeah, buttttt… I’m not a writer, Mel.”

You don’t need to be!

In this blog, I’m going to guide you into identifying your Brand Voice and get people going, “Oh, that’s so you! That’s what I like about you.”


Let’s find your Brand Voice!

Look at what people say about you

The first step in finding clarity in your Brand Voice is to look at what people always say about you.

Look at your reviews, and pay attention to how people describe your brand.

What do they constantly rave about?

  • Are you good at listening?
  • Do you hold their hands throughout the entire process?
  • Do they love how confident you are?

For example:

“Sally is so kind and such a good listener. She’s more my therapist than my hairstylist.” 

Based on your reviews:

List out 2-3 different descriptions people use to describe you.

Describe your business in 5 adjectives

Now, take a look at those descriptions and reviews.

I want you to list out 5 adjectives that describe your business perfectly.

To get those creative juices flowing, here are some adjectives you could use:

  • Funny
  • Adventurous
  • Professional
  • Warm
  • Honest
  • Quirky
  • Powerful

If you’re struggling with this, go deeper:

How do you interact with your customers?

Are you:

  • Warm + welcoming
  • Fun + clever
  • Expert + credible
  • Playful + quirky
  • Humble + friendly
  • Bold + confident
  • Passionate + inspirational
  • Edgy + punk

Once you have your adjectives, you can proceed with the next step:

Describe how you talk to your customers

Think about how you talk to your customers. How do you make them feel confident and comfortable?

What’s the reason people give you those glowing reviews?

To do this:

Imagine you’re working with your dream customer.


Write down the entire script and process of how you make them feel comfortable.

  • Are there phrases that you use to give peace of mind?
  • Do you have sayings or buzzwords that you use all the time?

This energy is how all of your messaging and content should sound.

If your messaging sounds exactly how you interact with your customers, how customers describe you, and matches your business’ personality, then you have your Brand Voice.

Text describing how McDonald's has a distinct Brand Voice

Brand Voice example

McDonald’s is a good example with a distinct Brand Voice.

McDonald’s has a Brand Voice that’s inviting because they’re delicious and fun.

They aren’t exclusive or snobby.

McDonald’s Brand Voice is all about making their food sound delicious. For example, “a sizzling all-beef patty” or “mouth-watering fries”.

But, they wouldn’t use wording that would sound high-end like “the finest ground sirloin available”.

Now back to your Brand Voice:

Think about your:

  • Business’ adjectives
  • Your day-to-day interactions with your customers
  • What your customers say about you

And start writing content that reflects that energy you portray.

Keep doing this on a consistent basis and your Brand Voice will naturally develop and sound like it’s coming straight from you (and not the cold robot voice – beep boop bop 🤖)

There’s no formula or rule of how a brand should sound

It’s you. Plain and simple.

You never want to hide who you are.

But what if you don’t have clarity on your business?

We’ve got you!

The Brand Vault is a free mini brand course that’ll help you create that foundation to creating a strong, profitable business.

It even includes finding your Brand Voice and how to make sure every piece of content you put out sounds like it’s coming straight from you.

Here’s what Suzanne said about the Vault:

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