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You’re a marketing genius every day by strutting your awesome stuff. But, there are times when you need a helping hand to lead you in the right direction. We’ve got yo back with online marketing boosts for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Give yourself an online boost, baby:

  • Designed to focus on ROI
  • Agency-lean focused. Done by seasoned BrandMasters.
  • No monthly contracts.
  • One-time simple projects.

Call up your new marketing BFFs (that’s us) to put your marketing efforts in the right direction.


Example of a branding boost from HipCat Society
Why you need it:

Get recognized with a badass logo. We’ll use your current logo to modernize your brand.

  • Dedicated designer
  • Alternate logo versions
  • Optimal file types
  • Branding starter kit
  • How do I know if my logo is hurting my business or brand?
    Simplicity and being memorable. That’s the secret sauce to an effective logo.

    Take a hard look at your logo:

    • Is it legible and telling viewers what industry you’re in?
    • Does it use colors sparingly?
    • Does it feature fonts to reinforce the FEELING you’re trying to share?

    Does your logo do any of those things?

    No? Then, it IS hurting your brand, and it’s time to hit the refresh button.

    We’ve got you! All you probably need is a simple Branding Boost.

  • How important is brand cohesiveness in 2020 and beyond?
    Brand cohesion is important! It’s much more than logos, colors, and stationery. A brand is the TOTAL experience a customer has with your product, service, or company.

    When all your brand materials (logo, printed materials, online presence, website, etc.) are cohesive, it creates a strong, unified vision. That unity establishes credibility, trust, and legitness.

    While we can’t help directly with your phone manner or decor, we can streamline your brand online. Ask us how we can help solidify your brand.

  • But I like my logo. I have had it for 5+ years now.

    Have you ever seen someone with a mullet, and thought, “Dude, 1989 is dead.” 

    It’s the same with logos! People are perceptive when it comes to companies being “with it.”

    We’ll give you an honest (probably brutally honest!) evaluation of your logo and brand. We promise not to make fun of you – maybe some light teasing, but it’s out of love!

    Now, you don’t have to start from scratch. All your logo might need is a refresh.

    We do offer services for smaller updates (colors, modernizing the fonts, etc.) to time-travel your logo out of 1989 and into 2020.

    Contact us and let’s evaluate your brand – no obligation necessary. 

  • How can I send you my logo?

    Vector files are always best (.ai, .eps, .pdf).

    If you have this file type but can’t open it, that’s ok. Send it over!

    If you only have a rasterized logo (.jpg, .png), send what you have. We can check to see if it’ll work (and if not, we do offer services for recreating your logo as a vector).


Why you need it:

Be the standout socialite and look legit on various social platforms through optimization and branding.

  • Setting up Facebook Business and Google My Business listing
  • Optimization and branding on select social accounts
  • Three frames or stickers to use on your posts
  • What's the secret to branding my social platforms?
    The biggest secret to making social branding work is adapting your graphics across the various platforms.

    For example, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook all require different dimensions and crop differently on different devices. You want your profile and social covers to match.

    The best social branding immediately tells a story and evokes emotion about the brand. Not to mention, your business looks legit.

  • Why is it important to have all my branding cohesive?

    Life is crazy. You know it; we know it; everyone knows it!

    We cannot control where people come from online. They could see your brand from Facebook, Google, your website, or local directories … hell, it could be anywhere!

    But, you can control the first impression people get when they land on those platforms. If your branding looks cohesive and accurately reflects you, you’re creating a remarkable first impression. 

    Know what first impressions do? They get you new customers!

    There are hundreds of social platforms out there. Take branding off your plate by talking to us about a Social Boost.


Rank higher!
Why you need it:

An SEO boost gives your site the push to help reach position numero uno.

  • Inner linking strategy
  • Optimizing page structure, voice search, 404 page, and more
  • Adding keywords, structured data, etc.
  • Fixing inbound and outbound links
  • I'm intimidated by SEO and don't think I need it. What's this boost about?

    You’re not alone! Plenty of people feel overwhelmed by SEO. What most people don’t realize is the tremendous amount of money left on the table by not taking action on SEO.

    We won’t let you make that same mistake. Honestly, If SEO doesn’t make sense for your brand, we will tell you straight up.

    An SEO Boost allows us to go through your entire website and correct any technical or on-page SEO issues holding you back from reaching a larger audience online.

    Think of it as building the foundation for a skyscraper. We do all the legwork at once to optimize your website to rank effectively on Google.

  • How long would the effects of this boost last?

    The goal of this boost is to bring your website up to current standards within Google’s algorithm. How long that lasts depends on:

    • How established your website is
    • How competitive your market is
    • What your competitors are doing with their SEO

    It may last two years, or it could last less than six months. Ultimately, you control how effective it will be after it’s finished.

    Think of your website as a racecar. Your goal is to finish in first place. An SEO Boost is like the pit crew. We give you fresh new tires, fix everything that’s broken, fill up your tank, and point you in the right direction. How far you go depends on how fast you drive and how fast the cars around you are.

  • How can I support this boost and keep the momentum going for SEO?

    I got one word for you: content

    That’s the biggest thing to help your website’s momentum.

    Firstly, blogging regularly about the questions your customers ask is a big help.

    Secondly, getting other websites linking back to your website is another huge factor.

    Thirdly, kill it in the video department! YouTube is the second largest search engine – a huge opportunity to give your brand exposure. Make sure you optimize your videos for supreme maximum exposure.

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  • "We benefited from a brand refresh, website overhaul, and one-on-one coaching to get our team on board with social media and blogging."
    Kristi Carpenter | Owner of Von Stieff Medical Group
  • "They've helped me find my vision and message from the content to the buyer's journey. It was so incredibly easy."
    Michelle Patterson | CEO of The Real Share
  • "HipCat helped me make my online presence match the hard work we create for our clients. We can't keep up with the phone calls!"
    Nick McLellon | owner of master works construction
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