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The Yoda to Your Luke Skywalker

Exclusive access to our 20+ years of marketing experience - at your beck and call.

Choose between 4 different types of BrandMasters:

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Marketing Guide
  • One-on-one sessions to plan and nail your marketing strategy

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of your tailored blueprints to launch your strategy correctly and confidently

Icon representing your personal Marketing Trainer
Marketing Trainer
  • Your personal trainer to keep you accountable
  • We’ll help you hit your goals – we’re your biggest cheerleaders (besides Mom, of course)

Icon representing a Success Advocate
Success Advocate
  • Submit any of your work and get direct feedback

  • We’ll make sure your work is on point with some tidbits to help you knock it out of the park.

Icon representing how you get your own personal tech genie
Tech Genie
  • Have third-party widgets to set up on your site? We’ve got you

  • Never worry about the techy mumbo jumbo – that’s what we’re here for

Marketing with Love ❤️
SOUL: People are searching for brands that align with their values. Powerful brands take heart. The kind of heart that infuses meaning instantly, offers empowerment, and creates lasting impact… because where the heart leads, results follow.
BUSINESS: Marketing with Love takes what you’re already doing and amplifies your edge to your dream customers. It humanizes your brand, giving you an unfair advantage over the sea of generic competition.
COMMUNITY: We long for meaningful connection, tribeship, and leadership. Spread the kind of love that offers empowerment to your community. Become a heart-led brand that will inspire others and leave an impact.
Our Story

Hi! I’m Shannon.

I created HipCat Society with my millennial kiddos to simplify complex marketing projects into small actionable tasks to drive massive growth.

It’s how we solved our marketing struggles from running a marketing agency for 23+ years.

We’d take on these enormous marketing projects.

Projects that would make us giddy. “Yeah, we’re going to nail this, and it’s going to be amazing!”

A collage of the HipCat team working for you

But something always got in the way, like:

  • It took way too much time
  • Our vision wasn’t clear
  • We made it way too complicated
  • Too many cooks in the kitchen
  • It was a total flop

So, we took a different approach. We turned these big projects into smaller, actionable tasks. Tasks that would only take 10-20 minutes of our time every day – sometimes 1 hour. Tops!

And we saw MASSIVE growth. We asked our clients to try it out, and… it worked!

We saw the value of marketing inspired by real life. Where we find humor and joy, we celebrate.

It’s through these shared “everyday moments” that we find connection and community.

I’ve been planning and building the guts of this app for almost five years now. Yet it was in the darkest year of my life, taking over our family business, health issues, and to top it off with a global pandemic, that we were able to rally to build this app especially designed to serve you.

So you never have to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and tired of the complex world of marketing. But feel empowered and confident to put yourself out there and receive the adoring applause from your tribe.

A wave of new opportunities and a fresh way of doing life and business is here.

It’s your time to rise and become. You in?

Meet Your BrandMasters

Web + Marketing Strategist
Brand + Marketing Strategist
Marketing + Content Strategist
Content + Email Director
Social + Media Engagement
Brand + Marketing Strategist
Website Developer
Website + Marketing Developer
Website + Marketing Developer
Website, Hosting + Email Director
Website, Hosting + Email Director
Every BrandMaster Swears To:
  • Be on demand whenever needed
  • Don’t be agency, but agency-lean
  • Give generously
  • Share our 20+ years of marketing knowledge
  • Empower our fellow HipCats
  • Offer advice at an affordable rate
  • Charge ridiculous rates to provide advice
  • Be condescending
  • Leave a HipCat empty-handed
  • Settle for good enough
  • Go outside our lane
  • Become a Negative Nancy