So easy to share!Affiliate Program Help your community + build a passive income.

Get your tribe on the Freemium version and then receive 40% recurring monthly income* when they upgrade to a Society Membership.  

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The affiliate program is perfect if you're a(n):
Existing Community Leader

You want to monetize your hard work and improve your members' lives even more with life-saving recommendations 😉

Direct Sales & Network Marketer

You're dedicated to helping and supporting your communities to level up and win every single day.

Affiliate & Influence Marketer

You understand the importance of relationship building to grow and maintain your revenue streams.


You have an existing audience and want to leverage your time and influence better while helping more people.

Small Business Owner

You're building up your current business but want to add other revenue streams for increased freedom and security.

Personal Brand

You want a passive side hustle to have financial security while you continue to influence your industry and grow.

We're extremely passionate about 3 things:

Making Marketing Super Easy

HipCat is a marketing platform for small business owners ready to scale and grow online.

It’ll make marketing super simple while empowering you to take quick action to drive massive results. And it’s all done through a custom strategy feed, bite-sized steps, and integrated tools.

Rewarding Like-Minded Community Leaders
Be the hero of your community. Inspire your amazing tribe to execute the marketing strategies they know will move the needle.

We’ll hand them an action-focused plan that’s so easy to understand and doesn’t require binging endless hours of “how-to” content.

Paying You Generously

You’ll earn a 30% recurring monthly income* for every tribe member who signs up for our platform’s Society Membership.

Your community will have an affordable solution to serve and grow online while you build a passive income. It’s a win-win!

*Restrictions do apply. Monthly income only applies to Society Membership. If your referral upgrades to a Premium Membership, the 30% monthly income will apply to Society pricing only. 2nd tier affiliates receive an additional 10% on their downline.  


Grow Through the Welcome Kit

You have our 100% support to help you succeed.

Once you become a Brand Partner (aka Affiliate Partner), we’ll send a very well-designed Welcome Kit to help you start sharing with your tribe. You also get a 30-minute onboarding call with Shannon, one of the co-founders, to make sure you feel supported and answer your questions.

  • $77 monthly subscription. Easy entry for any small business.

  • 30% recurring revenue per Society user… 50 peeps = $1,155/mo.

  • Easy tracking system to receive monthly payments.

  • Blueprints walking you through how to share the platform with fresh ideas and reminders.

  • 3 customizable email templates to send to your communities.

  • 10 social post + customizable captions + promotion ideas.

Brand Vault

The Brand Vault brings clarity and intention around your brand. It’ll help you refine your messaging, connect with your tribe, and draw out your edge to stand out in a crowded market.

Strategy Roadmap

The Strategy Roadmap will analyze your goals and create a tailored, action-focused marketing plan to help you grow, create an impact, and monetize quickly.

coming soonSocial IQ Grid

Our Social IQ grid will hand you a tailored social media strategy and a massive library of social posts so you know what to post and schedule it – all in one place.

coming soonBig-Picture Metrics

The Metrics Dashboard will gather your analytics and spit out critical information (cost, traffic, engagement, followers, and leads) to help make informed decisions to grow your business.

Website Add onMedia Hub

The Media Hub puts all of your media (videos, podcasts, blog posts, social, etc.) on your website that’ll show off your expertise and skyrocket your trust factor.

Lifetime pricing opens June 10th. Only available to 150 people.

Sign up. Brag about us.
Get paid!


  • Your Welcome Kit

    We highly recommend purchasing the Legacy For Life Membership (either the one-time fee of $997 for life or the locked-in price of $77 a month for life).

    This gives you the freedom to endorse HipCat Society with true honesty and love. We all need to be at our highest energy to bring life into our businesses.

    Once you sign up as a Brand Partner (aka Affiliate Partner), we’ll send a very well-designed Welcome Kit. It’ll have everything you need to start sharing with your tribe.

    The Welcome Kit includes:

    • Blueprints walking you through how to share the platform with fresh ideas and reminders.
    • 10 promotional social posts with caption ideas (feel free to edit to your voice).
    • 3 email swipe templates.
    • 1 page of hip ideas on how to promote to keep it authentic, fresh, and new (you’ll have the flexibility to making it fit for YOUR unique community).
    • 1 descriptor video (1 minute long) that’s super easy to share on social media and emails.
    • 1 30-minute onboarding call with Co-Founder Shannon Mackey to answer any questions and get you pumped up!
    • You’ll be added to our Private Affiliate Facebook Group for education and massive support.
    • We’ll have bi-monthly coaching and strategy calls with one of the founders Shannon, Dominique, or Arron. Plus, special appearances of our amazing BrandMasters.

    NOTE: We’re constantly making new and fresh promo pieces. Whenever we add any updated goodies, we’ll send them to you immediately.

  • Your Backend / Log-in

    Once you sign up, you’ll be able to log into your Affiliate Dashboard. You’ll find your unique tracking link so you immediately start sharing the love.

    Make sure your PayPal or Google Pay information is all correct.

  • Your Easy Affiliate Unique Link Tracking

    Now you know where your new revenue source business lives… Own it, love it, and get comfortable with it.

    You can copy and paste your unique tracking link into the Welcome Kit templates we send to you.

  • Your Commitment

    We’ve created this Brand Partner Affiliate Program to be so generous; it’ll make the news!

    It’s the new evolution of affiliate marketing.

    First, we created a Freemium version with massive value (no credit card required) your tribe can test out before committing to a paid subscription.

    So just think: You get 40% recurring monthly income* as soon as they want more and sign up for the Society Membership!! No blood, sweat, and tears…we did all that for you! 😉

    The quicker you commit to this, you’ll gain the awesome advantage to make a bigger impact and more money!

    The affiliate partners who’re succeeding take the time to do these 5 steps:

    1. Set Up: Easily set up your dashboard and save your link.
    2. Learn the Ropes: Go to our homepage and membership page to learn about our product. Start using the product to share your experience.
    3. Use Your Promotional Pieces: Organize your Welcome Kit materials to take quick action.
    4. Block Time on Your Calendar: Schedule times to use your Welcome Kit and promote. If you don’t put it on the calendar, it won’t happen.
    5. Meet Your New Affiliate BFF: Schedule a 30-minute onboarding call with Shannon (HipCat Co-founder) to get all your questions answered and get ready to be inspired. (She’ll even book you on our #DoTheDamnThing show if interested).


  • Your Commissions
    You get a 40% recurring monthly income* whenever your referral signs up for the Society membership!!

    Let’s do a little math to get y’all excited.

    With the base launch price of $77 for 1 Society Member, you get $30.80 every month.

    • 10 peeps= $308/mo.
    • 20 peeps = $616/mo.
    • 50 peeps = $1,540/mo.
    • 100 peeps= $3,080/mo.
    • 500 peeps= $15,400/mo.
    • 1000 peeps= $30,800/mo.

    Doesn’t that sound A-M-A-Z-E-B-A-L-L-S!? Get your superhero cape on, and let’s get this revenue train rolling.

    *Restrictions do apply. Monthly income only applies to Society Membership. If your referral upgrades to a Premium Membership, the 40% monthly income will apply to Society pricing only.

  • Your Payments

    We’ll pay you on the 22nd of every month through your PayPal or Google Pay account.

  • Other Affiliate Perks & Incentives

    On top of your crazy awesome commission, we’ll send you promotional materials. We also have a private affiliate Facebook group for massive support and growth to help grow this revenue stream as quickly as possible for you.

    We’ll also feature you on our Do the Damn Thing show for more exposure to your community and collaborate with other HipCats that would benefit from your awesome world.

    You’ll get 5% off our Media Hub & Resource pages to add to your website to help drive the right traffic to your website and build an audience acquisition for yourself.

Welcome to Your New Passive Income generator!

Fill out the application below and become an affiliate partner. We’re beyond excited to lock arms with you. We genuinely feel this is the new future of supporting all of us and controlling your destiny.