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You focus on your biz. We'll handle getting you leads.


  • 3 pages + blog
  • Customization to your brand (colors, logo, fonts, etc.)
  • Proven layouts designed to build trust and convert
  • Unique, SEO-friendly content
  • Fillable contact forms for lead generation
  • Website hosting with fast loading times
  • SSL certificate for security
  • ADA compliance to Level AA standards
Price: $3,497
Screenshot of Immunotherapy's website

Don’t spend megabucks to get a gorgeous, fast site. HipCat Society builds unique, affordable websites for small businesses that show the real you and convert website visitors into loyal (+ paying) fans.

  • Do I really need a full-blown website? Aren’t my social channels enough?

    Short answer: You NEED a website.  The longer answer:  Not having a website only hurts your credibility in a very bad way (a going-out-of-business way).  Consumers EXPECT you to have a website.

    We live in the digital age, folks! If you don’t have a website, your customers won’t consider you a legit business.  Not to mention, social media reach is almost nonexistent. Fewer people see your Facebook posts because of algorithm updates. Social media is great to post those cute photos of you vacationing in the Bahamas, but it should never be your sole marketing channel. Your website sets you up for success:

    • With a great design, your website creates an amazing first impression (75% of consumers … Opens in a new window to’s website judge a company’s credibility based on its website design)
    • You can promote your products/services (heck, you can start promoting that podcast you’ve been doing on the side!)
    • You can blog to connect with your community (BTW: You’ll get major Google points)
    • It’s the perfect place to display your testimonials and flaunt your genius (a credibility boost, baby!)

    The best part: A website is not intimidating to make. You don’t have to waste megabucks to get a solid, beautifully designed website.  Forget those top-dog website agencies.  The HipCat Express Website is very affordable, sets the foundation to grow your business, and it’ll represent your brand. Oh, and we can get it done super quick for you.

  • Do I own my website?

    Absolutley! This is the foundation of your online brand! Your digital signpost! You busted your hump for this business, and your site is an extension of it. 

    We give you multiple ways to pay it off to make it affordable for you.

  • I suck at writing! Help?!?

    We suck at what you’re a genius at!

    Writing happens to be our genius! We’ve got your back on this one.

    Through our proprietary surveys and a 30-minute interview, we’ll nail your WHY, your unique value proposition (UVP), your brand’s voice, and make you shine.

  • I need to get this website ASAP! How quickly can you get it up and rolling?

    Well, how quickly can you sign a contract, fill out an easy-peasy survey, send assets, do a 30-minute interview, and give us edits?

    Get those done quickly, and we can have your agency-worthy website up and running in 4-6 weeks!

  • What if I don't have a professional photoshoot yet, but need it ASAP?

    We’re experts (more like geniuses) at using informal shots and unique stock images to build trust and likeability. When your photos are done, your website is set up for you to replace any photos easily. No sweat to it.

    Oh, did we mention we can provide guidance to help you kick ass at your photoshoot? Use these pro images to keep building your brand. Again, we’ve got you.


  • Facebook Ads campaign setup
  • Landing page design
  • Lead generation optimization
Price: Coming Soon!
An image showing a landing page with a funnel for lead generation
The fastest way to get the right eyeballs on your offer and generate new leads.


  • Dedicated designer
  • Alternate logo versions
  • Optimal file types
  • Branding starter kit
Price: $497
An image showing the branding and logo design for Arch Dental Fargo

Upgrade your brand that leaves a memorable impression. We’ll modernize your logo that proves to everyone you’re the expert.

  • How do I know if my logo is hurting my business or brand?
    Simplicity and being memorable. That’s the secret sauce to an effective logo.

    Take a hard look at your logo:

    • Is it legible and telling viewers what industry you’re in?
    • Does it use colors sparingly?
    • Does it feature fonts to reinforce the FEELING you’re trying to share?

    Does your logo do any of those things?

    No? Then, it IS hurting your brand, and it’s time to hit the refresh button.

    We’ve got you! All you probably need is a simple Branding Boost.

  • But I like my logo. I have had it for 5+ years now.

    Have you ever seen someone with a mullet, and thought, “Dude, 1989 is dead.”

    It’s the same with logos! People are perceptive when it comes to companies being “with it.”

    We’ll give you an honest (probably brutally honest!) evaluation of your logo and brand. We promise not to make fun of you – maybe some light teasing, but it’s out of love!

    Now, you don’t have to start from scratch. All your logo might need is a refresh.

    We do offer services for smaller updates (colors, modernizing the fonts, etc.) to time-travel your logo out of 1989 and into 2021.

    Contact us and let’s evaluate your brand – no obligation necessary.


  • Setting up Facebook Business and Google My Business listing
  • Optimization and branding on select social accounts
  • 3 frames or stickers to use on your posts
Price: $697
An image social social media branding, and marketing
Look good for those Facebook stalkers… the people interested in you, of course! A Social Boost involves branding and optimizing your social accounts, so you look legit anywhere online.
  • What's the secret to branding my social platforms?
    The biggest secret to making social branding work is adapting your graphics across the various platforms.

    For example, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook all require different dimensions and crop differently on different devices. You want your profile and social covers to match.

    The best social branding immediately tells a story and evokes emotion about the brand. Not to mention, your business looks legit.

  • Why is it important to have all my branding cohesive?

    Life is crazy. You know it; we know it; everyone knows it!

    We cannot control where people come from online. They could see your brand from Facebook, Google, your website, or local directories … hell, it could be anywhere!

    But, you can control the first impression people get when they land on those platforms. If your branding looks cohesive and accurately reflects you, you’re creating a remarkable first impression. 

    Know what first impressions do? They get you new customers!

    There are hundreds of social platforms out there. Take branding off your plate by talking to us about a Social Boost.


  • Inner linking strategy
  • Optimizing page structure, voice search, 404 page, and more
  • Adding keywords, structured data, etc.
  • Fixing inbound and outbound links
Price: $997
An image showing analytics for SEO growth

An SEO Boost gives your website the push to help reach position numero uno on Google, so your business is visible online.

  • I'm intimidated by SEO and don't think I need it. What's this boost about?

    You’re not alone! Plenty of people feel overwhelmed by SEO. What most people don’t realize is the tremendous amount of money left on the table by not taking action on SEO.

    We won’t let you make that same mistake. Honestly, if SEO doesn’t make sense for your brand, we’ll tell you straight up.

    An SEO Boost allows us to go through your entire website and correct any technical or on-page SEO issues holding you back from reaching a larger audience online.

    Think of it as building the foundation for a skyscraper. We do all the legwork at once to optimize your website to rank effectively on Google.

  • How long would the effects of this boost last?

    The goal of this boost is to bring your website up to current standards within Google’s algorithm. How long that lasts depends on:

    • How established your website is
    • How competitive your market is
    • What your competitors are doing with their SEO

    It may last two years, or it could last less than six months. Ultimately, you control how effective it will be after it’s finished.

    Think of your website as a racecar. Your goal is to finish in first place. An SEO Boost is like the pit crew. We give you fresh new tires, fix everything that’s broken, fill up your tank, and point you in the right direction. How far you go depends on how fast you drive and how fast the cars around you are.

  • How can I support this boost and keep the momentum going for SEO?
    I got one word for you: content

    That’s the biggest thing to help your website’s momentum.

    Firstly, blogging regularly about the questions your customers ask is a big help.

    Secondly, getting other websites linking back to your website is another huge factor.

    Thirdly, kill it in the video department! YouTube is the second largest search engine – a huge opportunity to give your brand exposure. Make sure you optimize your videos for supreme maximum exposure.

Media Hub

  • Connect you blog, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram. and Spotify.

  • Central location to gather all of your media on your website
  • 3 basic featured images for blogs, videos, and podcasts
Price: $497
An image of a media hub with multiple channels of social branding

Become the authority in your industry fast that leaves leads flinging their credit cards at you. The Media Hub puts all of your media (videos, podcasts, blog posts, social, etc.) on your website that’ll show off your expertise and skyrocket your trust factor.

  • Do I need a Media Hub?

    Yes, you do! If you want to compete and have a thriving business, you have to produce media.

    All the industry experts (Chris Harder and Gary V) are preaching you have to be a media and marketing company first. Then, your business.

    Whhhaaaat?!? Ain’t nobody got time for that? Except… now you do!

    It’s overwhelming to get the eyeballs on it. That’s why we created this Media Hub to easily add your content – all in one place.

    It’ll auto-sync your platforms to leverage all of your efforts and build your credibility and trust fast.

    The Media Hub will:

    • Build instant trust because it’ll show your audience you’re likable and know your stuff
    • Sync your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog, Spotify, and SoundCloud
    • Improve your SEO rankings as people stay on your website longer
    • Create zero overwhelm on your end – it’s easy to add as you grow
  • Will the Media Hub work for my website?
    The Media Hub is compatible with any WordPress website.
  • Videos? Podcasts? Do I need to create all of it?

    Of course not. You’ve got enough to do already!

    Start with one medium you’re comfortable with. It could be a video or a podcast. It’s up to you.

    Concentrate on that medium and put it in your Media Hub. Once you nail it, you can start expanding to other avenues.

  • Your dedicated BrandMaster starts the project with a Welcome Call
  • Receive proprietary surveys, cheat sheets, and tools to help you, help us create your site
  • Easily send us your assets (logo, photos, etc.) through one upload document
  • Chit chat with your dynamite web team in a 30-minute design kick-off call
  • We’ll ask questions to hone in on your uniqueness, brand voice, and look and feel
  • Your BrandMaster sends a call summary to keep everyone on the same page
  • The website minions take it from here and start building your site
  • Your BrandMaster schedules a design reveal within 3-4 weeks
  • We’ll show your beautiful website and discuss how it represents you
  • You’ll get a private staging link to review your site
  • Send us edits and we’ll get them done right away
  • Once complete, we’ll launch your site
  • Start marketing this bad boy to the digital world (psst … we can help with that too!)