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Drive massive business growth with the all-in-one marketing framework, custom feed of actionable next steps, on-demand marketing support, and agency services.


Meeting you where you're at in your brand journey

Custom strategies. Flexible solutions. Crazy affordable. πŸ€‘

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Small Local Businesses

Create lasting impact.

  • Financial Advisors

  • Beauty Salons

  • Medical Practitioners

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Personal Brands

Create massive influence.

  • Wellness Coaches

  • Business Coaches

  • Personal Trainers

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Online Entrepreneurs

Create major income.

  • Direct Sales

  • Ecommerce

  • Freelancers

Imagine If You:

Icon for brand clarity

Had clarity of your brand that aligns with whom you're meant to serve

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Loved marketing where you can truly be yourself

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Knew precisely what to do to grow your business

Icon representing how the HipCat app can help you reach your goals

Were never alone on your marketing journey

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Took fast action to scale your business without feeling overwhelmed

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Could pass on your branding assets to your team without searching for it

What you need, when you need it
Do-It-Yourself Online Platform

ROI-focused blueprints designed for any non-marketer to move the needle.

Done-With-YouBrand Masters

You’re never alone on your marketing journey. We have pros on standby ready to help.

Done-For-You Agency Services

Whenever you need it off your plate, we’ve got you with tailored services for optimal growth.

Your All-In-One Platform

Brand Vault
  • Framework to build your brand

  • Clarify your purpose and tribe

  • All your brand assets in one place

  • Baseline for your marketing strategy for optimal growth

Actionable Blueprints
  • Video walkthroughs, jargon-free guides, and proven templates 

  • Celebrate the quick wins with bite-sized building blocks 

  • Focused on action to create results. Not theory.

  • Keep that needle moving with gamified achievements for your hard work (confetti, y’all!)

Custom Strategy Roadmap
  • Personalized plan to scale and grow your business 

  • Always know your next step with a tailored feed of marketing blueprints

  • Stay ahead of the game with trending topics and quick wins

Social IQ Grid
  • Social post library packed with ideas + inspiration

  • Receive personalized suggestions, so you know what to post and never get stumped

  • Keep your social pages fresh + consistent by scheduling on a 2-week sprint grid

  • Save time with automation

Big-Picture Metrics
  • Track the numbers + channels that matter most – all in one place

  • ROI-focused to optimize lead generation + conversions

  • Analyze where to best spend your time and money, so you never miss a sale

On-Demand BrandMasters

We're at your beck and call
  • Marketing Guides – One-on-one sessions to nail your marketing strategy

  • Marketing Personal Trainers – AKA your accountability buddy to reach your goals

  • Success Advocates – Ensure your content is spot on from the experts

  • Tech Genies – Don’t worry about the techy stuff. We’ll take care of it

Agency Services
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Custom, affordable sites designed to convert.

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Media Hub

Skyrocket your trust with all your media content in one place.

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Branding Boost

Make a memorable first impression with a brand refresh.

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Social Boost

Look legit online with branded + optimized accounts.

Icon of a gear with a magnifying glass behind it
SEO Boost

Rank + drive organic traffic to your site.

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Express Funnels

Generate new leads fast.

"I had so many ideas from the courses I already took and wasn't fully implementing them! Now, I do a little every day and am able to lay everything out for my own course!!! It's so brilliant thank you for having it all in one place, so good for my ADHD and has been a breeze to hand it off to freelancers!"
"An update on our project: As I am, doing my homework, I am catching on to this, is precisely what I needed to do early so I can list my personal values πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ». I had too many business options and was totally confused and this my friend is gold πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ now I can see clearly my next step 😘😘😘😘"
"I went through the Vault first and then was able to easily hand it off to my team as you promised! My team has now become excited to help me with our marketing, such a big win! Once I oversaw our brand messaging I felt very confident to let them run with almost all marketing efforts."
Dr. Romero
"OMG! I have tried so many schedulers and planners and software but now I have everything in one place, what a blessing and so fun, who knew!🀯"
Rose Tafoya
" I'm so amazed by how HipCat Society handles everything😍. | gave them a jumbled mess of info and they made my whole vision come to life. My marketing captures what | want my business to portray. HipCat nailed it πŸ™πŸΌ"
Jasymn Gordon
"No clue where to start so my to-do list has been collecting dust 😭 I'm now doing a little bit every day and gaining the momentum I need to help my dad grow his business that is in a very competitive market. Finally marketing doesn’t scare me anymore 🀘🏻"
"My team and I were very intimidated by marketing ourselves, we had great photos and assets but didn't know how to utilize them in our other marketing aspects. Now we're way more confident and on the right track"
Dr. Luis
"πŸ˜‚ I thought I had my brand voice and messaging down but going through HipCat Systems really helped me to dial it in and spice it up! πŸŽ‰"
Suzanne Sanford
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Terre - DreamCatchersConcierge
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Marketing with Love ❀️
SOUL: People are searching for brands that align with their values. Powerful brands take heart. The kind of heart that infuses meaning instantly, offers empowerment, and creates lasting impact… because where the heart leads, results follow.
BUSINESS: Marketing with Love takes what you’re already doing and amplifies your edge to your dream customers. It humanizes your brand, giving you an unfair advantage over the sea of generic competition.
COMMUNITY: We long for meaningful connection, tribeship, and leadership. Spread the kind of love that offers empowerment to your community. Become a heart-led brand that will inspire others and leave an impact.
Our Story

Hi! I’m Shannon.

I created HipCat Society with my millennial kiddos to simplify complex marketing projects into small actionable tasks to drive massive growth.

It’s how we solved our marketing struggles from running a marketing agency for 23+ years.

We’d take on these enormous marketing projects.

Projects that would make us giddy. β€œYeah, we’re going to nail this, and it’s going to be amazing!”

A collage of the HipCat team working for you

But something always got in the way, like:

  • It took way too much time
  • Our vision wasn’t clear
  • We made it way too complicated
  • Too many cooks in the kitchen
  • It was a total flop

So, we took a different approach. We turned these big projects into smaller, actionable tasks. Tasks that would only take 10-20 minutes of our time every day – sometimes 1 hour. Tops!

And we saw MASSIVE growth. We asked our clients to try it out, and… it worked!

We saw the value of marketing inspired by real life. Where we find humor and joy, we celebrate.

It’s through these shared “everyday moments” that we find connection and community.

I’ve been planning and building the guts of this app for almost five years now. Yet it was in the darkest year of my life, taking over our family business, health issues, and to top it off with a global pandemic, that we were able to rally to build this app especially designed to serve you.

So you never have to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and tired of the complex world of marketing. But feel empowered and confident to put yourself out there and receive the adoring applause from your tribe.

A wave of new opportunities and a fresh way of doing life and business is here.

It’s your time to rise and become. You in?