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Launch your entire client attraction system In 21 days
Without the tech & content overwhelm

Predictably grow your revenue by attracting dream clients on autopilot. HipCat Society is your 6-step action plan to launch successful campaigns – even if you suck at marketing.

Without a strategy,
your tactics WILL fail.

No wonder you’ve been in…

Success chaos, where you’re killing it one week, but the next you’re questioning your life choices.
Procrastination paralysis, where imposter syndrome holds you hostage from seeing consistent results.
Over your head when people say dumb marketing phrases, like funnels, buyer’s journey, and CRMs.
Our Proven Process
Will help you to finally...
  • Have marketing automations in place so you scale and grow faster.

  • Ignite your spark and have the clarity to attract your dream customer.

  • Have a clear path to solidify a business system that gets real results.

"They've given me a step-by-step process in bite-sized chunks and a plan of action. I have felt like a priority and safe in their hands every step of the way."
– Melissa Hanson
Marketing for the
Guiding you on your hero's journey to make an impact and earn 2-3xs more revenue.
"Thank you, HipCat Society, for getting me out of the woods I've been stuck in for the past year, trying different platforms that got me nowhere. HipCat managed to make marketing friendly and fun to do."
– Naima Mokhtar
"They've been such a great help to help me get the next few customers that I need, so I can start focusing and growing my business the way that I want to."
– Josiah, the IT Guy
"Before I started working with HipCat, my business was a mess. I blew my family savings over courses and coaching programs that couldn't build the bridge and system to get me where I want. HipCat gave me the recipe and ingredients to get the foundation right. I'm so grateful for the amount of support I am getting because I can see what it is that I'm building and I'm so excited for it."
– Sibo
Go beyond learning.
Execute the right way.
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Strategy Roadmap

Stop wasting time figuring out how to build your business. Your strategy roadmap defines the step-by-step process you need to take to get real results.

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Results Blueprints

This isn’t another course that focuses on theory. Blueprints empower you to take the right actions at the right time to scale your acquisition and cover all the nuances you’ve never thought about.

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Optimized Templates & Automations

Don’t get stuck on tech and content. Our blueprints hand you templates and juicy tips to write words that sell. HipCat Connect comes with prebuilt landing pages and automations, making it a breeze to plug-and-play your content.

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BrandMaster Coaching (1:1 & Group)

You won’t be on your own. You have us. We’ll make you accountable and hold your feet to the fire to hit your targets because we really care that you get real results.


Generate more of your ideal client with marketing automation, reliable systems, and expert coaching at HipCat Society.

We’re looking for action-driven and mission-focused coaches, speakers, consultants, or service providers as our Founding Members. If you’re thinking, “Heck yeah! This is for me!” then click the button below to sign up.

Mouthwatering bonuses 🤤
When you join HipCat Society.
1:1 Strategy call

Value: $147/mo

  • 1 Onboarding Session

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions

  • Ability to purchase more time with a BrandMaster
  • Ongoing access after launching your funnel

  • Join a community of like-minded individuals
Email Templates

Value: $79/mo

  • Lead Generation

  • Book an Appointment

  • Promote Your Webinar

Locked in Pricing

Value: $997

  • All future results-focused blueprints

  • Integrated metrics (coming soon)

  • Social scheduler (coming soon)

HipCat money back guarantee
Get tangible results - or your money back

We’re so confident in the formula for success inside our program, we’re willing to take all the risk. If you implement our complete program into your business, and are unable to convert a single new lead into a buyer within 90 days launching your campaign, we’ll immediately return 100% of the funds you invested with us.

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Hey - I'm Shannon!
Before HipCat, I ran a successful marketing agency since 1999 (still going strong!).

Know how Google turned “being found on page 1” into a popularity contest? Ya, we nailed it!

My team and I simplified marketing for small business owners by educating them to show ”real company stuff.” This approach boosted their monthly customer numbers by 50% and tripled their online visibility.

Now, my millennial kiddos and I started this crazy adventure where we’re spreading a movement of Marketing with Love – humans marketing to humans. Better yet, serving like-minded humans.

We believe lasting success is built on trustworthy and genuine relationships – the very essence of your community.

And, it’s our heart-based wish to get entrepreneurs out of overwhelm, help them set up a strategy, choose the tactics that fit them best, and get into momentum to spread their message and gain raving fans with unquestionable loyalty.

I invite you to join our society and experience how marketing can be fun while caring for one another.

HipCat's founding member: Shannon Mackey
"I had so many ideas from the courses I already took and wasn't fully implementing them! Now, I do a little every day and am able to lay everything out for my own course!!! It's so brilliant thank you for having it all in one place, so good for my ADHD and has been a breeze to hand it off to freelancers!"
"An update on our project: As I am, doing my homework, I am catching on to this, is precisely what I needed to do early so I can list my personal values 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. I had too many business options and was totally confused and this my friend is gold 👏👏👏👏👏 now I can see clearly my next step 😘😘😘😘"
"I went through the Vault first and then was able to easily hand it off to my team as you promised! My team has now become excited to help me with our marketing, such a big win! Once I oversaw our brand messaging I felt very confident to let them run with almost all marketing efforts."
Dr. Romero
"OMG! I have tried so many schedulers and planners and software but now I have everything in one place, what a blessing and so fun, who knew!🤯"
Rose Tafoya
" I'm so amazed by how HipCat Society handles everything😍. | gave them a jumbled mess of info and they made my whole vision come to life. My marketing captures what | want my business to portray. HipCat nailed it 🙏🏼"
Jasymn Gordon
"No clue where to start so my to-do list has been collecting dust 😭 I'm now doing a little bit every day and gaining the momentum I need to help my dad grow his business that is in a very competitive market. Finally marketing doesn’t scare me anymore 🤘🏻"
"My team and I were very intimidated by marketing ourselves, we had great photos and assets but didn't know how to utilize them in our other marketing aspects. Now we're way more confident and on the right track"
Dr. Luis
"😂 I thought I had my brand voice and messaging down but going through HipCat Systems really helped me to dial it in and spice it up! 🎉"
Suzanne Sanford
Tara - EvolveByTara.com
Terre - DreamCatchersConcierge
Dr. Romero - immunotherapymx.com
Rose Tafoya - rosestoolkit.com
Jasymn Gordon - Cascadebeauty.co
Stesha - eco-therminsulation.com
Dr. Luis - elgrullonaturista.com.mx
Suzanne Sanford - elevatest.com
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