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Is the little voice in your head saying you’re a failure? Does the thought of marketing give you night sweats? Screw that! It’s DOABLE to serve your customers and make money – even if you’re starting from scratch. HipCat Society empowers you to find your brand’s voice and unlock your marketing talents.

Invented by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs:

  • Proven websites and marketing boosts

  • Agency-quality tools for small budgets

  • All-in-one marketing hub to grow your brand

  • On-demand experts ready to help (on the cheap!)

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Express Websites

When you need a website fast (like yesterday), our architects and builders are ready to design one for your brand.

Branding, social, SEO. We got you.
Boost Your Marketing

Everyone needs a helping hand to get their business up and running – and that’s ok! Our marketing boosts are perfect for small businesses.

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HipCat App

Based on your marketing journey, we provide a tailored roadmap of bite-sized, action-based marketing modules – right at your fingertips.

Marketing Your Legacy without the Agency

You can do it. Cause we’ve been doing it for 20+ years.

Just like you, we’ve been through all the ups and downs of running a small business since 1999. Here’s our story:


Google makes huge changes in 2012 to give small businesses a chance to compete online. They demanded “real company stuff” over keyword stuffing. Basically, a popularity contest.


We’ve created trendy tools and resources to train our clients to win the popularity contest. In 2016, we became scary good at it and generously gave these tools to our clients.


Since 1999, we’ve been running a niche marketing agency. The problem? It’s not scalable. We could only help a small number of people to get them fantastic results.


We dialed it in to determine what tools and training were working for our clients. Then, we tested it with many friends and families with their small businesses. Their growth was incredible.


We realized small businesses and entrepreneurs didn’t have the support or budget to market their business. So we thought: What if we created a marketing hub filled with tools, education, and ROI metrics?


This became our mission, and we accepted the challenge. In 2016, HipCat Society was born. You have a place to gather inspiration, tools, and analytics to take control of your business' marketing.


The world is a sh*tshow. As Mark Cuban puts it, it's the small businesses and entrepreneurs who'll save us and our economy. The world needs us right now, and we want you to succeed.


Our vision of HipCat feeds into gratitude and a personal growth mindset - thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza plus mindset industry leaders. Helping you kick ass, grow your business, and love your life inspires us daily.


Between HipCat and our marketing agency, we never focused on a work-life balance. Plus, we never coached our clients to go from survival mode into creative mode to serve their communities.


It was time for a change. Every tool and inspiration from us is out of love. Join us and feel empowered to solve problems, make money, and serve people to make their lives (and yours) the best ever!

Get to know our (well yours now) dedicated team.

Easy Marketing and Website Tools

for entrepreneurs and small businesses
All action and no fluff
Effective, Modern Marketing

What happens when you mix honesty, authenticity, storytelling, grit, and love? A kickass marketer! HipCat Society gives you the education, resources, tools, analytics, and inspiration you need to dig deep and become that kickass marketer.

Agency-free marketing
Cut the Agency. Not Your Marketing.

Here’s an insider secret: You don’t have to be a marketer to successfully market your practice – GASP! All you need is some marketing brawn and wit. HipCat Society offers affordable solutions to showcase your awesomeness to the digital world.

Agency-free marketing
Agency-lean marketing
“Do It With You” Marketing

You can handle it all – DIY style … but there are times when you need help. Meet DIY’s big sister: DIWY. You have a BrandMaster ready to “do it with you” and give any quick and dirty tips (just how we like our martinis).

See what our clients are saying (pssst... you could be next).
  • "The thought of websites and marketing overwhelmed me. I'm shocked at how painless they made it. Being found online has doubled our income!"
    Keith Kirk | Owner of eco-therm insulation
  • "I barely lifted a finger. Had one conversation and survey so they got our branding message and voila; it appears! I'm grateful I chose this group."
    Jenn Janiki | owner of master lab
  • "HipCat helped me make my online presence match the hard work we create for our clients. We can't keep up with the phone calls!"
    Nick McLellon | owner of master works construction
  • "They've helped me find my vision and message from the content to the buyer's journey. It was so incredibly easy."
    michelle patterson  |  ceo of the real share
  • "We benefited from a brand refresh, website overhaul, and one-on-one coaching to get our team on board with social media and blogging."
    kristi carpenter  |  owner of von stieff medical group
  • "I could visualize my brand's vision but didn't know where to start. HipCat created my logo and marketing strategy to solidify my brand. I'm set!"
    tara johnson  |  owner of evolve hair
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