Stop hearing crickets when you launch your service

You’re an expert in your field, have loads of experience under your belt, and you know what it takes to be successful.

You’re finally ready for that next step:

Creating an irresistible offer that people will actually buy.

But before you start putting it together:

Make sure you’re not making these 4 mistakes, so you don’t hear the depressing sound of chirping crickets when you finally launch.

Mistake 1: You’re seeing your offer as a product or service.

We know you’ve given a lot of thought to your offer, but…

Take a step back from seeing it as the product or service.

To make your offer irresistible, you have to see it as a dream outcome your customer wants. 

It’s how you’re bridging the gap to get your dream customer from point A (the pain) to point B (the desired result).

Seeing it as a dream outcome (rather than a service) will make it much easier to convince people to buy from you.


First: Visualize the desired outcome that your customers want to achieve.

Normally, the desired outcome falls under one of these 4 categories:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Then, work backward and create a clear, step-by-step path that your dream customer needs to take to reach that desired outcome.

This roadmap gives clarity to:

  1. Your customers – because they’ll see the value you’re delivering
  2. You – because you can visualize how to structure the offer that benefits you and your customers

Let’s give an example:

If you’re a personal trainer, your offer isn’t a workout program.


You’re helping your customer reach the desired result of losing weight and restoring their confidence.

To reach the desired result, your customer needs to follow this step-by-step process (I’ve simplified it):

  • Exercising 2-3xs a week
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Staying consistent and being in the mindset
  • Overcoming resistance of “I’m not going to workout today”

To the customer: They see a clear path to that desired outcome.

To you, the personal trainer: You can now structure your program and come up with ideas and solutions to achieve each step.

Mistake 2: Your offer isn’t valuable enough

Value is defined as “the amount of money that something is worth.”

So your job is to figure out how to make your offer so freaking valuable that they view it as a steal.

How to add more value to our offer

How do you add more value?

  • Increase the desired result: Is the outcome meaningful to your dream customer? Can you make it even MORE desirable?
  • Increase the likelihood of achieving the desired result: What’s the risk on their end? Do they feel they’re going to succeed if they buy from you? The more success you have, the more value you have.
  • Decrease the time: How much time will it take to achieve the desired outcome? The less time it takes, the more valuable your offer will have (nobody wants to lose 5 pounds in 5 years).
  • Decrease the effort and sacrifice: What additional cost or inconveniences will they have to incur? The less effort your customer has to do, the more valuable your offer will have (think Amazon Prime delivering products right to your house in 1 day – easy peasy).

Mistake 3: You’re ignoring your messaging

You know your business will change people’s lives (I know it, your momma knows it).


If it’s not communicated clearly why it’ll change their lives, then your offer won’t sell.

A clear message will generate more interest from people because they understand what your product does and how it benefits them.

In other words:

They see the value you’re delivering.

Messaging shouldn’t be ambiguous or targeted towards everyone.

To create a clear and money-making message, picture:

  • Your dream customer (the one person you want to serve)
  • The desired result
  • The roadblocks standing in your dream customer’s way from achieving the desired result
  • The benefits they’ll achieve right away if they overcome the roadblocks

Then, put it together to create a core message.

It could be as simple as using this formula:

“I help ___(dream customer)___ achieve __(desired result)____ so they can ___(benefits they’ll achieve)______ without __(the roadblocks)______.”

The formula to creating a core message

That’ll help clearly communicate your value, thus making your offer truly irresistible.

Mistake 4: You’re not validating your offer

Validating is the process in which you ensure that people will actually buy or use your product.

This process will save you time and money and reduce the risk of failure.

So, how do you validate your offer?

Here are 2 easy ways to validate through market research:

  1. Social listening – Find a digital and physical place your dream customer hangs out, and listen to what they’re saying about the problems you’re solving
  2. Interview people in your target market – Set up 5-6 in-person or virtual interviews, and explain your offer, roadmap, and how it reaches the desired result. Then, get feedback and figure out if it’s actually what they want.

What do you think?

Were there any mistakes that I’ve missed in creating an irresistible offer?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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