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If you’re an entrepreneur with an abundance mindset:
There's so much potential to serve + grow your business.
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Everyone is online. And you know that means more opportunities to connect and find your tribe.

You visualize your amazing business thriving, along with the lifestyle and freedom that goes with it.

But, there’s one problem.

Building a business + marketing is hard 😭

How many times have you:

Felt completely lost and overwhelmed with marketing and have no idea where to start?

Chained yourself to a desk and wasted an entire day watching “how-to” content?

Struggled to find the right passive income to build up multiple revenue streams?

Felt guilty for not taking action on all the amazing knowledge you’ve absorbed from courses and webinars?

The struggle is real, amirite?

We’ve been in your shoes

Running a marketing agency since 1999, we’ve had the same struggles as you. That’s the right – even a marketing agency struggles with marketing.

Collage of the HipCat Society team building our marketing app

And it was through our 23 years in the marketing world, we discovered:

Creating a strong brand always starts with clarity of:

  • Who you are

  • Why you’re serving

  • Who you’re meant to serve

Clarity is what will build momentum to attract your dream customer and sell from the heart.

And it’ll help you become a heartfelt brand with a clear purpose.

It’s 100% possible for you to become a strong and purposeful brand, where you:

You can truly be yourself while having fun and complete control of marketing.

Cut out all the “fluff” and know precisely what you need to do to get it done confidently.

Become the hero in your community by sharing and monetizing your expertise.

Take fast action with everything you’ve learned from courses and amplify your results 10xs.

You Don't Need to Be Marketing Savvy

We meet you at your level so you know how to get it done.

Do-It-Yourself Online Platform

ROI-focused blueprints designed for any non-marketer to move the needle.

Done-With-YouBrand Masters

You’re never alone on your marketing journey. We have pros on standby ready to help.

Done-For-You Agency Services

Whenever you need it off your plate, we’ve got you with tailored services for optimal growth.

What's inside?
HipCat Society logo

Marketing Tools Made For

Brand Vault

The Brand Vault brings clarity and intention around your brand. It’ll help you refine your messaging, connect with your tribe, and draw out your edge to stand out in a crowded market.

Strategy Roadmap

The Strategy Roadmap will analyze your goals and create a tailored, action-focused marketing plan to help you grow, create an impact, and monetize quickly.

coming soonSocial IQ Grid

Our Social IQ grid will hand you a tailored social media strategy and a massive library of social posts so you know what to post and schedule it – all in one place.

coming soonBig-Picture Metrics

The Metrics Dashboard will gather your analytics and spit out critical information (cost, traffic, engagement, followers, and leads) to help make informed decisions to grow your business.

Website Add onMedia Hub

The Media Hub puts all of your media (videos, podcasts, blog posts, social, etc.) on your website that’ll show off your expertise and skyrocket your trust factor.


Lifetime pricing opens June 1st. Only available to 150 people.

Actionable Blueprints

... that get you results, not overload you with theory.
  • Action-focused to stay consistent and build momentum

  • Built for you (yes, even if you have zilch marketing experience)

  • Gamified where you’ll win free gifts as you complete blueprints

  • Bite-sized to help you get more done without the overwhelm

  • Packed with templates, examples, and inspiration to spark your creativity

  • Centered around Marketing with Love so you sell from the heart
  • Make networking and affiliate marketing a piece of cake – even if you’re an introvert
  • Easy to understand with jargon-free videos and guides
  • The perfect complement for courses + webinars to build 10xs more results
Actionable Blueprints

Helping You Along the Way

You’ll never feel alone. Marketing services are available whenever you need them ‘cause we really want you to succeed.

Graphics of marketing personal trainers, marketing guides, technical genies, and success advocates


You’ll have marketing pros in your back pocket, ready to help when you need it.

  • Marketing coaches to plan and nail your strategy
  • Marketing trainers to keep you accountable
  • Submit any of your work and get direct feedback
  • We’ll handle any of your third-party widgets
Graphics of marketing personal trainers, marketing guides, technical genies, and success advocates
Preview of HipCat Society's marketing agency services

Agency Services

When you need to pass the baton, we’ve got you with one-time simple projects that’ll set up your online foundation for optimal growth. That includes:
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Funnels
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Lifetime pricing opens June 1st. Only available to 150 people.

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See what real clients are saying!
"I had so many ideas from the courses I already took and wasn't fully implementing them! Now, I do a little every day and am able to lay everything out for my own course!!! It's so brilliant thank you for having it all in one place, so good for my ADHD and has been a breeze to hand it off to freelancers!"
"An update on our project: As I am, doing my homework, I am catching on to this, is precisely what I needed to do early so I can list my personal values 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. I had too many business options and was totally confused and this my friend is gold 👏👏👏👏👏 now I can see clearly my next step 😘😘😘😘"
"I went through the Vault first and then was able to easily hand it off to my team as you promised! My team has now become excited to help me with our marketing, such a big win! Once I oversaw our brand messaging I felt very confident to let them run with almost all marketing efforts."
Dr. Romero
"OMG! I have tried so many schedulers and planners and software but now I have everything in one place, what a blessing and so fun, who knew!🤯"
Rose Tafoya
" I'm so amazed by how HipCat Society handles everything😍. | gave them a jumbled mess of info and they made my whole vision come to life. My marketing captures what | want my business to portray. HipCat nailed it 🙏🏼"
Jasymn Gordon
"No clue where to start so my to-do list has been collecting dust 😭 I'm now doing a little bit every day and gaining the momentum I need to help my dad grow his business that is in a very competitive market. Finally marketing doesn’t scare me anymore 🤘🏻"
"My team and I were very intimidated by marketing ourselves, we had great photos and assets but didn't know how to utilize them in our other marketing aspects. Now we're way more confident and on the right track"
Dr. Luis
"😂 I thought I had my brand voice and messaging down but going through HipCat Systems really helped me to dial it in and spice it up! 🎉"
Suzanne Sanford
Tara -
Terre - DreamCatchersConcierge
Dr. Romero -
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The Guaranteed-ROI Framework
We’d petition Bill Nye the Science Guy to include marketing on his show.

Because marketing isn’t magic. It’s science!

It’s all about timing and knowing exactly how to position your business to the market to connect with the right people.

The marketing web app takes out all that fluff and distills it into one single framework for a guaranteed successful online presence.

The framework is broken down into 6 pillars:
6 pillars of marketing: brand, web, social, promo, media, and biz

How to Put the 6 Pillars in Action

  • Items marked in BLUE are included in Lifetime Legacy Membership
  • Items marked in RED are discounted for Lifetime Legacy Members


Step #1

Start with clarity

Your business is awesome (we know it and you know it). Your offer has great value that’ll change people’s lives. But are you communicating that value to people in a way that resonates?

When you’re crystal clear on your edge, know how to position yourself in the market, and understand your target audience, it’s so much easier to create an offer and message your dream customer can’t resist.

HipCat will help you get clarity with:


  • Feel empowered and lean into your value and messaging

  • Truly understand your target audience to connect with them quickly

  • Gain a custom marketing strategy to build brand awareness
  • A central storage for all your branding materials to keep it consistent everywhere


  • Step-by-step blueprints to help you refine your brand

  • Know the right steps to keep your brand attractive, professional, and valuable
  • Know how to keep your brand consistent online


  • Use a BrandMaster to help you polish your brand strategy and align it with your business goals

  • If your brand doesn’t represent you, a Brand Boost will help with a modern logo, style guide, and brand board


Step #2

Build your foundation

Your website is the core of all your digital marketing. It should always be a complete representation of your entire business and offerings.

Websites clog the web like bumper-to-bumper New York traffic. So you need to make sure your site is out of that hot mess and attracting the right kind of traffic.

This will convert those visitors into new customers. 

HipCat will help solidify your foundation with:


  • Guidance to creating a website that sells through optimizing content, pages, calls to action, and more
  • Reminders to continually optimize your website to drive traffic and skyrocket your conversion rates
  • Technical – but jargon-free – guides so you feel like a tech pro


  • The perfect starter site designed to represent your brand and convert

  • Custom design and content that represents you 100%
  • Capture leads + traffic while ranking for SEO

  • No heavy lifting on your end (we do that!)
  • Analytics + lead tracking pre-plugged into the Metrics Dashboard


  • Optimizes your keywords + technical SEO to jump the rankings

  • Includes inner linking strategy
  • Optimizes for page structure, voice search, keywords, structured data, and more

Step #3

Grow your community

Building relationships is everything in marketing. The quickest way to build quality relationships to leverage new clients and valuable partnerships is through social media.

Build brand awareness and grow your community by using the social platforms best for you.

HipCat will grow your social media presence with:


  • Actionable steps to reach out and build relationships through any social platform
  • Designed to increase brand awareness and grow your following
  • Recurring reminders to post and engage with your audience


  • Bring all your social efforts into one organized place
  • Get a social strategy by sharing your goals, audience, channels, and the content you want to share
  • Create, organize, and schedule your social posts in one go
  • Receive creative post ideas and templates that align with your strategy


  • Get a solid start on your social media accounts
  • We’ll set up, optimize, and brand your social media accounts
  • 3 templated social posts

Step #4

Scale your growth

Fantastic customer service is always the cornerstone of growth. But word of mouth in this digital era will only take you so far.

Once you have brand clarity and a solid web foundation, it’s time to turn on the gas and scale up your revenue by driving new prospects with paid traffic and smart promotions.

HipCat can attract the right leads with:


  • Know how to refine your offers that your leads will eat up
  • Get help to build your email list through lead magnets, landing pages, and webinars
  • Master paid traffic + influencer marketing
  • Guidance on email campaigns and retargeting ads to capitalize on warm leads


  • Get help to optimize your promo campaigns to ensure success
  • Direct feedback on your work so you know it’s on point to knock it out of the park


  • The quickstart to build the foundation of your buyer’s journey and lead generation
  • Includes Facebook Ad setup, landing page design, and lead generation optimization

Step #5

Expand your reach

“You’re not a [BLANK] company. You’re a media company that sells [BLANK]” – Gary Vee

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but you MUST produce media content (videos, blogs, podcasts, etc) to connect with your customers.

It’s not optional anymore. Never fear ’cause we have blueprints and services that make “putting yourself out there” an easy-peasy task.

HipCat makes media simple with:


  • Create a media strategy to produce content that aligns with your ultimate goals
  • Guidance on what you need to do and how to do it (even if you have no experience)
  • Video hacks and walkthroughs to create pro videos on your smartphone
  • Blog recipes to create valuable content that builds authority and ranks (even if you’re a non-writer)


  • Scripts and guides to produce valuable content that expresses your messaging
  • Know how to leverage your valuable content to become an authority in your industry and sell your courses


  • Bring all your content together in an omni-channel platform you own
  • Central location to put all of your media (videos, podcasts, blog posts, social, etc.) on your website
  • Will easily show off your expertise and skyrocket your trust factor

Step #6

Optimize for ROI

No one said systems were sexy. Well… most people.

Once you have momentum with your marketing, optimize your business to match your efforts. It’s the only way to get to the next level.

HipCat can take you to the next level with:


  • Quick tutorials to set up your online directories for a consistent presence
  • Set your goals and connect all your analytics, numbers, and lead tracking
  • Track your ROI numbers easily


  • Guidance to set up your affiliates, referrals, CRM, and resource systems
  • Recurring reminders to stay consistent and double down on what’s working and nix what doesn’t


  • Tracks the most important numbers from your marketing systems all in one place
  • Gathers all of your leads so you never miss a potential client
“Marketing Is So Easy + Fun”
👆 What you’ll be saying after following this framework. 👆

Marketing Web App Timeline

We've got some good stuff right meow to grow your business. Take a peek of some of the other goodies launching soon!
Shannon - the co-founder of HipCat Society - speaking into a microphone
Enjoy Lifetime Access

We’ve been building this platform to solve your problems in marketing. But, we need your help to fund and launch these super cool features.

Lock arms with us through our Lifetime Legacy Membership, where you’ll:

  • Lock in lifetime access to the entire marketing platform + future features (at no additional cost)
  • Receive 40% recurring income through our affiliate program when your soul-based community signs up for the marketing web app (paid version)
  • Become an ambassador of our evolution of Marketing with Love, so you tell us how to improve our app to your liking
  • Get frequent email updates + tutorials of new features

Become a Lifetime Legacy Member

Pay $997

Only available to the first 150 people.


  • Brand Vault (DONE)

  • Strategy Roadmap (DONE)
  • Initial blueprints (DONE)
  • Next 30 blueprints (COMING SOON)
  • Social IQ Grid (COMING SOON)
  • Metrics Dashboard (COMING SOON)
  • Up to 1-year access to our private FB Group

  • 3 months free of BrandMaster support

  • 5% off any agency services

Lifetime pricing opens June 1st. Only available to 150 people.

Monthly (Locked-In)
Pay $77

Only available to the first 250 people.


  • Brand Vault (DONE)

  • Strategy Roadmap (DONE)
  • Initial blueprints (DONE)
  • Next 30 blueprints (COMING SOON)
  • Social IQ Grid (COMING SOON)
  • Metrics Dashboard (COMING SOON)
  • Up to 1-year access to our private FB Group

Lifetime monthly pricing opens June 1st. Only available to 250 people.

Lifetime Legacy VS Market Cost
Chart showing the difference between the marketing app's cost versus other agency costs.
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Your Questions, Answered!

  • How do I test drive the web app?
    It’s super easy!

    The Beta version is only available for free until June 1st. Then, we’ll open to it lifetime pricing.

  • Can I view it on my phone?
    You will soon!

    Right now, the marketing web app is only viewable on desktop.

    But, the mobile-friendly version is coming June 2021

  • Is everything built?

    Not yet. Right now, we’ve built the Freemium Version with the Brand Vault and Marketing Hub.

    We’re crowdsourcing founding members to help speed up the rest of the build of the platform. But, we need your help to get all of these super cool features launched as quickly as possible.

    That’s why we’ve started the Lifetime Legacy Program. You’ll have access to EVERYTHING we build in this app, including the:

    • Social IQ Grid
    • Custom Strategy Roadmap
    • Big-Picture Metrics
    • And other advanced features

    All for a one-time fee of $997 or $77/mo.

  • How will I know you've launched certain features?

    You’ll get frequent email updates. 

    We’ll tell you when we’re about to launch our tools and you’ll be the very first to know when they’re officially live.

  • What's with the 40% recurring income?

    This is our affiliate program as a “thank you” for your support! We want this platform to work for you and your communities, which is why you’ll get a 40% recurring income for every community member who signs up for the paid version of the marketing web app.

    We’ve built this platform with our two favorite quotes in mind:

    • “A rising tide raises all ships.”
    • “Action ends suffering.”

    So the entire web platform is action-based. And you’ve worked so hard to create a beautiful, engaged community filled with heart and soul.

    You deserve to monetize all of your hard work, and we want to help you get that extra income.

    Once you become a Lifetime Legacy Member, we’ll teach you how to use our affiliate program. P.S. It’s super easy!

  • How can I use your app to take advantage of all the education I've learned?

    With the web app platform, you can now 10xs your results by taking more action with what you have learned.

    When you’re working on a blueprint, implement any education (courses, webinars, one-on-one coaching, etc.) into it.

    Our app focuses on getting you to take action, so everything you’ve learned becomes more powerful and that much better.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes! When you become a Lifetime Legacy Member, you can check us out instantly.

    If you don’t like what you see in 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Just contact

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Lifetime pricing opens June 1st. Only available to 150 people.