Marketing With LoveFree Campaign Kit

We’ll help you launch a standout, profitable marketing campaign.
You’ll get:
  • The 3 piece, Ultimate Campaign Starter Pack that’ll walk through launching a kickass marketing campaign every time ($237.00 Value).

  • Fine-tune the 2 most important parts of a profitable marketing campaign. Your Audience + Offer. (Action Plan)

  • One-on-one coaching from a HipCat BrandMaster to plan and personalize your campaign (1 Free Session)

It’s 100% free. No credit card. No catch. 

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Try Googling this: “How to build a marketing campaign”
You’d get 255,000,000 results ????

Ain’t nobody got time for that! But you….

Need to get the word out NOW about your products + services.

Have no idea where to start and what’ll work for your business

Can’t afford to hire a marketing agency to build your campaign.

Take the burden of creating a marketing campaign off your plate
We’ll do it for you - FREE!
The Ultimate Campaign Starter Pack
The key to launching a kickass, revenue-driving campaign. Every. Single. Time.
  • The Ultimate Avatar Creator

  • The Ultimate Offer Builder

  • The Ultimate Audience Finder

What’s inside each digital book?
The Ultimate Avatar Creator

Break down how your dream clients think, act, and buy so you know how to win their hearts (and credit cards). 

  • The 3 stages people go through when making a buying decision

  • Why creating custom avatars account 90% of a company’s sales

  • How to build a custom avatar so you understand everything about your dream customer

The Ultimate Offer Builder

Learn how to craft an offer that sells itself over and over again. You’ll learn:

  • 7 ways to craft an irresistible offer

  • 4 steps to sell your offer successfully

  • 4 offer types that’ll sell like crazy

  • How to implement Marketing with Love so you don’t come off as a salesy douchebag

The Ultimate Audience Finder

Receive step-by-step visual instructions on targeting and finding your perfect clients on Facebook and Instagram. This includes:

  • 3 ways to target audiences on the 2 social giants

  • ​Instructions to create 4 custom audiences to target people who’ve interacted with your brand online

  • How to take advantage of video to generate 1200% more shares

  • Targeting an audience down to the tiniest detail (like knowing their favorite TV shows)

Knee-to-Knee Marketing BrandMaster Access (1 session free)

We’ll guide you to launch a streamlined marketing campaign – one that’ll raise brand awareness and connect with the right people. The people you want to serve.

We’ll personally go over:

  • Your business goals to craft a custom campaign catered to your audience

  • How to set up and launch your campaign quickly and successfully
  • How to reuse your campaign to continuously make revenue. Even while you sleep.
  • Any questions you have so you feel confident to launch.

It’s 100% free. No credit card. No catch. 

Schedule your coaching session, then download the kit.

"They've helped me find my vision and message from the content to the buyer's journey. It was so incredibly easy."

– Michelle Patterson, CEO of The Real Share (Actual Client)

“Who am I actually talking to?”
Hi ???? I’m Divina - Director of BrandMaster Services at HipCat Society.

I’m so thrilled to personally help you create a campaign that’ll empower your community and your business.

Here’s a little bit of background about HipCat Society:

We’ve helped small businesses grow online since 1999, giving them the tools and resources to market themselves. 

With 20+ years under our belts, our systems and easy-to-use tools make it super easy to execute your marketing campaign confidently while being yourself

It’s 100% free. No credit card. No catch. 

Schedule your coaching session, then download the kit.