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The Marketing Action Plan Workbook will make the entire process easy peasy with:

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  • 10 trends you must take advantage of
  • 30 days of social media ideas
  • 15 blog topics
  • And so much more
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Preview of the Marketing Action Plan Workbook with 49 pages
Don’t break a sweat with marketing

This detailed but super easy workbook will guide you to planning a marketing strategy without starting from scratch.

It’ll give you the tools, templates, and formulas to create a plan, take action, and grow your business.

Inside this 49-page action plan, you’ll find:
Preview of Last Year's results in the Workbook
Results-tracking templates
Worksheets and questions focused on your previous marketing attempts so you review what did and didn’t work in the past.
Preview of SWOT Analysis in the Workbook
SWOT analysis
Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, target customers, and unique value, so you know what big move to focus on this year.
Preview of target persona worksheets in the workbook
Target persona worksheets
How to find and write down your top 3-5 personas, so you’re connecting and marketing to your dream customers.
Preview of competitor analysis worksheets in the workbook
Competitor analysis worksheet
Pinpoint your competition’s strengths and weaknesses, so know what it takes to bring your marketing level to FIERCE, leaving them behind.
Preview of UVP Wizard in the workbook
Unique value proposition wizard

What’s your edge over your competition? Answer these and other thought-provoking questions to help you grow your brand.

Preview of marketing checklist in the workbook
Marketing checklists
Easy-to-fill templates to list your marketing goals and to-do tasks for every week and quarter, so you’re held accountable to take action.
Preview of 30 days of social media ideas in the workbook
30 days of social media ideas
Yes. You’ll get 30 days of topics and inspiration to post on your social media accounts. Can you say, “bye-bye creative block”?
Preview of social media calendar in the workbook
Social media calendar
Fun, creative social post ideas, holidays, and other annual events you can post about for the entire year.
Preview of 15 blog ideas in the workbook
15 blog ideas
An outline of how to write an engaging, Google-worthy blog post along with topic ideas to spark those creative juices.
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