Huzzah - the results are in!You’re the:VISIONARY SUPERHERO

You’re a creative genius
You’re packed with a TON of revolutionary ideas. And there’s no stopping you from leaving your mark.
Your sensational superpowers:
Icon of a woman with an idea
You enlighten the world with creative ideas

Your beautiful mind is packed with unorthodox ideas destined to make the world a better place.

Icon of a man using his laptop
You're not afraid to stand up to the status quo

You don’t listen to what others say is “right” – quite frankly it pisses you off. When someone tells you to go left, you fly. 

Icon of a screen with a target in the middle
You always defeat the evil villain “Good enough”

You don’t reach for the hanging fruit. You want the whole damn tree. That passion motivates your team – always delivering their A game. 

*cough* Are you taking notes, Elon Musk? *cough* 

Use your superpowers to build buzz online:
Icon of a man and a woman talking
Make videos + podcasts

Your passion is contagious, and you have so much expertise to share. Creating media will inspire your audience and they’ll love you for it. 

Icon of a man with a magnifying glass
Use social media

Share your genius and engage with your audience. Post valuable, inspirational content, which will grow your following, and turn them into your loyal tribe. 

Icon of a woman using her laptop
Market with love

Your creative mind will impact people’s lives and your audience needs you. Serve ‘em your visionary superpowers by being yourself. 

But… the Visionary has kryptonite

Your ideas are amazing. You’re dreaming big. The creative juices keep brewing.

But, you find it difficult to organize your genius and find a place to start. It distracts you from taking action, putting your creativity on the back burner.

You CAN beat kryptonite

If you're tired of feeling...
Stuck on marketing and ready to bury your head in the sand
Unsure how to put yourself out there and get people to notice you
Overwhelmed with marketing in general
Defeated 'cause of the constant battle to stand out from the hot mess we call the Internet

We have the Solution!

The HipCat Society App

The HipCat App will empower you to put your brilliant mind in check, confidently execute your ideas, and impact people’s lives.

An example of HipCat's App
Get all the secrets of marketing packed into one app.

The Brand Vault

A free actionable course that’ll awaken your brand and elevate your business. You’ll have a clear vision of your brand, purpose, and who needs you the most.

The Marketing Hub

All of your messaging and foundational pieces are stored in one central location to hand off to your VA or team. Say “bye-bye” to those endless supply of business-building PDFs.

Simple Building Blocks

Celebrate the quick wins – without feeling fried. We took complex marketing systems and turned them into bite-sized (and super yummy!) building blocks.

Prioritized, Actionable Steps

There’s a hodgepodge of info out there saying what you “must” do. UGH!  We’ll send you the steps you should do first and place your stake as an expert in your industry.

Adapted to Your Skill Level

Here’s an insider secret: You don’t have to be a marketer to successfully market your business – GASP! We’ll send actionable building blocks based on your marketing skill level.

Dynamic Resources + Solutions

Scale and grow your business with jargon-free tutorials, blueprints, and guides that any non-marketer can understand.

Supportive Community

Never feel stuck and bury your hand in the sand. You’ll have our BrandMasters to support you on your brand journey – ready to do it with you.

Latest Marketing Trends

You don’t need to stay updated on the latest trends out there. We’ll do that for you and send alerts of the leading moves you must know and do right now.

Budget + Time Approved

Time. Money. The two most precious commodities you possess. With our Freemium version and 10-20 minute building blocks, you’ve got this!

Be one of THE first people to test out the HipCat Society App

 P.S. Only available to the first 250 people who sign up. Don’t miss out!

Rooted in love, aided by technology
You’ll walk away with:
Icon of a man using a speaker
A brand that inspires and moves the people who need you
Icon of a woman meditating in front of her laptop
Offers that sell and come from your heart
Icon of a woman showing a graphic
A clear vision of your edge that puts the phrase “competition” in the rearview mirror
Icon of a man showing a graphic
The confidence to take your rightful place as an authority in your industry

Ahhh, doesn’t that make your heart flutter?

You’re invited to join the exclusive Legacy App Group, which includes:
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First dibs of our app and building blocks before the public gets to have it.

Icon of a woman on social media

Onboarding coaching to give you the ins and outs of the app so you leverage it to grow your business.

Icon of a man with an idea

Full access to our marketing hub for a low price of $77/mo (we’re charging everyone else $127/mo).

But hurry. It’s only available to the first 250 people who sign up.

  • Tara client "I could visualize my brand and message but didn't know where to start. HipCat helped me create a marketing strategy by giving me all these super easy tools. I’ve solidified my brand and people are loving it!"
    - Tara, Actual Client
  • Keith, Actual Client "The thought of websites and marketing overwhelmed me. I'm shocked at how painless HipCat made it. Being found online has doubled our income!"
    Keith, Actual Client
Hi 👋 I’m Shannon
Fellow Visionary and CEO of HipCat Society
Shannon, Arron, and Dominque

I created HipCat Society with my millennial kiddos to simplify complex marketing projects into small actionable tasks to drive massive growth. 

It’s how we solved our struggles from running a marketing agency for 20+ years. And it’s how we helped our intimate family and friends grow their businesses. 

You could say it’s marketing inspired by real life. 

We’ve launched this app to serve you so you live out the life you were destined to have.   

A wave of new opportunities and a fresh way of doing life and business is here.

It’s your time to rise and become. You in?