Grab your exclusive Legacy for Life membership. Only available for the first 150 people.

Itching to get the new HipCat Society…Open a new tab to our homepage… App but don’t want to pay monthly fees? Ever?

Now’s your chance!

What’s this lifetime deal?

The HipCat Lifetime Legacy Membership is an incredible one-time offer if you’re ready to take action, grow, and love marketing in any capacity.

For only a one-time payment of $997, you’ll get access to our entire HipCat SAS marketing platform that’ll hand you everything you need to orchestrate your online marketing strategy and tactics.

From implementing that killer idea to designing your website to growing your customer base, it’s all there.

It includes:

  • Brand Vault: A step-by-step foundational course that’ll bring clarity and intention around your brand.
  • Strategy Roadmap: A tailored, action-focused marketing plan to help you grow, create an impact, and monetize quickly.
  • Actionable Blueprints: Results-focused steps that’ll help you get more done with your marketing without the overwhelm.
  • Metrics Dashboard: The all-in-one hub to gather your analytics and spit out critical information (cost, traffic, engagement, followers, and leads) to help make informed decisions to grow your business.
  • Social IQ Grid: A tailored social media strategy and a massive library of social posts, so you know what to post and schedule it – all in one place.
  • BrandMaster Guidance: You’ll have marketing pros in your back pocket, ready to help when you need it (free for 3 months).
  • 1-Year Access to Our Private Facebook Group: Direct access to all of our BrandMasters to brainstorm and give feedback on your marketing journey.
  • Affiliate Membership: You’ll become an instant affiliate member, getting a 40% recurring income for anyone you send our way and signs up for the paid version of the marketing web app.

The Lifetime Legacy means you’ll only have to make a one-time payment to access the entire platform.

You’ll also get access to all future updates and content we’ll be launching in 2021 and beyond.


We’ll be opening up Legacy for Life Membership on May 15th, and only accepting 150 trailblazers for the one-time payment of $997.

Be the first to know about it by signing up for our BETA…Open a new tab to sign up today! (for free).

What happens if you miss the deal?

Like we mentioned above:

We’re only offering this one-time payment of $997 to only 150 trailblazers.

From there, we’ll be setting up our subscription service, which will go as high as $147/month for the Premium version (our highest tier plan).

Another way to think of it:

Imagine getting a lifetime Netflix membership before it became a subscription service!

It’s the same with HipCat Society.

This app has been in the works for 5 years, putting our 20+ years of experience into it to solve your problems in marketing.

The world is already filled with so much information, and we envision a world where marketing is simple and no longer is a bad word.

And we need your help to make that a reality.

Your help will help us Fastrack all these super cool features to benefit you for life.

Not to mention:

Becoming a Lifetime Legacy Member gives you direct access to tell us how to improve the app to your liking.

Why is the HipCat Lifetime Legacy deal worth it?

HipCat Society can save you a lot of time and money.

How many times have you:

  • Felt utterly lost and overwhelmed with marketing?
  • Chained yourself to a desk and wasted an entire day watching “how-to” content?
  • Struggled to find the right passive income to build up multiple revenue streams?
  • Felt guilty for not taking action on all the amazing knowledge you’ve absorbed through online courses?

The HipCat Society App can help you streamline your marketing efforts, where you:

  • Can truly be yourself while having fun and complete control of marketing
  • Cut out all the “fluff” and know precisely what you need to do to get it done confidently.
  • Become the hero in your community by sharing and monetizing your expertise.
  • Take fast action with everything you’ve learned from courses and amplify your results 10xs.

Is the HipCat Society Web App for you?

If you’re trying to:

  • Grow your online/offline business…
  • Create a solid, purposeful brand…
  • Generate leads…
  • Communicate and sell from the heart to current and potential customers…

…this marketing app can help you.

It’s designed for:

  • Beginners
  • Experienced Marketers
  • Course Creators
  • Speakers + Authors
  • Ecommerce Website Owners

How to sign up for the Lifetime Legacy Membership


Sign up for the BETA app by selecting Freemium Version


Test out the BETA app and submit any feedback here


We’ll email you on May 15th when the Lifetime Legacy Membership is open

Why we created this Legacy deal

The reason for this crazy deal is because HipCat is still in the BETA phase.

This means that you’re getting this fantastic deal in exchange for helping HipCat iron out any small wrinkles before its full launch.


We want your feedback!

We want to deliver the perfect solution to your business and marketing problems.

Our mission and passion is to make you a success not just now but decades from now!

Because our platform is in BETA, there are some features that aren’t ready yet and will be rolled out in the near future.

When we launch them, you’ll be the first to know.

Adrian already tried out the Freemium version, which includes the Brand Vault!

Here’s what he said:

Headshot of Adrien, a HipCat customer

I’m so done with my corporate job and ready to go all out on my personal brand for personal training. I couldn’t believe how focused and excited the Freemium version of the platform got me. I made massive strides just by using the Brand Vault! I now have the confidence to take my next steps with my strategy roadmap. Let’s do this!”
– Adrian | Personal Trainer

Get a generous passive income when you’re a Lifetime Legacy Member

Another benefit of the HipCat lifetime upgrade is you’ll become an instant affiliate partner.

In other words:

You’ll get an eye-popping 40% recurring income whenever you brag about us to your inner circle and they sign up for a paid version of the app.

You’ll get this 40% recurring income FOR LIFE! (as long as you’re signed up for the app)

It’s all part of our Marketing with Love concept:

The more love you give, the more love we send your way 😍

Will this opportunity be open forever?

This deal is only available to 150 trailblazers.

After that, we’re switching to our regular pricing of $147/mo for the Premium account.

Here’s everything included in your one-time payment of $997:

  • Brand Vault (DONE)
  • Strategy Roadmap (DONE)
  • Initial blueprints (DONE)
  • Next 30 blueprints (COMING SOON)
  • Social IQ Grid (COMING SOON)
  • Metrics Dashboard (COMING SOON)
  • Up to 1-year access to our private FB Group
  • 3 months free of BrandMaster support
  • 5% off any agency services

Here’s what you’re getting compared to market cost:

Preview Image For HipCat's Pricing Grid

And there’s no risk on your end.

We promise a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Email us at and we’ll issue your refund immediately – no questions asked.

Try our BETA App for free

Our BETA app is live right now! Then, we’ll be opening our Lifetime Legacy Membership on May 15th.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at